What is Yagerian Therapy?

Yagerian Therapy utilizes mental abilities of the patient that all people have, but are not usually recognized. The therapist guides the patient to use the abilities for the purpose of problem solving or achieving higher levels of functioning. Desired change is accomplished by the therapist guiding the patient through a series of logical steps using their own extra-conscious domain to identify the actual cause of the problem being addressed, thereby making resolution possible. In using Yagerian Therapy, the actual causes of the problems are identified and resolved, thereby eliminating the symptoms of the problems.

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Dr. Edwin Yager - Yagerian Online Therapy

My approach to helping others is based on my understanding of how we function as humans. I have become convinced beyond question that the human mind is capable of healing illness, as well as causing illness, and this applies to both psychological and many physical problems.

Dr. Edwin Yager

Other Experts Agree!

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" Subliminal therapy has revolutionized the world of psychotherapy. It is an amazingly effective way to treat a variety of mental health and physical problems."

Uri Kugel,


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" The Yagerian method has taken root in Mexico, with hundreds of therapists using it successfully. As a physician, I believe it is the therapy of the future for the treatment of many physical, as well as mental problems."

Cecilia Garcia Barrios,


Expert Review 3 - Yagerian Online Therapy

" The Yagerian Method is an amazingly powerful therapeutic approach. Hundreds of therapists in Germany apply it with great success. It often yields long-term effects within just a few sessions."

Norbert Preetz,


According to questionnaires completed before and after their treatments, patients reported an average improvement in their symptoms of 81%, after an average of only 2.5 hours of treatment!

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Although adequate data is not yet available from this online version of Yagerian Therapy, data has been collected in over 400 cases when the method was used in individual therapy settings. In these cases, 227 patients reported full resolution of the problems treated, and another 183 reported an average of 73% improvement, with only 21 patients reporting less than 10% improvement.










87%, 2.8 hours
74%, 2.5 hours
81%, 2.5 hours
68%, 2.8 hours
77%, 2.8 hours
85%, 3.2 hours
76%, 2.4 hours
78%, 2.7 hours







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Clinical trials are currently underway.

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The roadblocks you've hit on your journey to happiness do not have to be a reason to give up, but rather an opportunity for growth. Many problems are the consequence of conditioning; therapy consists of reconditioning.

In Yagerian Therapy, it is assumed that "parts" of the patient's mind were created during experiences in life, and these parts continue to influence life based on those experiences. In using Yagerian Therapy, these parts are reconditioned, thereby resolving the problem at the level of cause. When the causes of a problem are resolved, the symptoms (e.g., headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and addiction) cease to exist.


About the Founder

Edwin K. Yager, Ph.D. holds an appointment as Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, at the University of California - San Diego School of Medicine, and is the President of the Subliminal Therapy Institute, Inc. Dr. Yager is licensed as a psychologist in California and maintains a private practice in San Diego. Additionally, Dr. Yager offers training in Yagerian and Subliminal Therapy under the auspices of the San Diego Psychological Association, the Subliminal Therapy Institute, and internationally under varied sponsors. He is the author of the textbooks Foundations of Clinical Hypnosis: From Theory to Practice (2008), and Subliminal Therapy: Using the Mind to Heal (2011), both published by Crown House and available from Amazon.com. The self-help textbook Healing Relationships is also available from Kindle in both print and e-book forms.

Yagerian Online Therapy Founder - Dr. Edwin Yager
"When I first began my career, I always believed that hypnosis held the promise of being an effective means of resolving many human problems. That promise has been fulfilled beyond my ability to comprehend at that time."

-Dr. Edwin Yager

Testimonials From Actual Patients

When I first began to work as a therapist, I believed getting to the root cause of problems was the key to resolving them, and over time, my beliefs have been proven valid. Yagerian Therapy provides the path to discovering and healing more effectively than conventional therapies.

"My obsessions were hindering my ability to focus, sleep, and live happily. Dr. Yager helped me focus on re-training my areas of concern. The work provided by Dr. Yager in using Yagerian Therapy was effective. My obsessions no longer exist concerning areas that hindered me from moving on with life. I feel relaxed, enlightened, and less stressed. These were my intended goals to accomplish."
  • Testimonial 1 - Yagerian Online Therapy
  • Pete B

"Thanks to this therapy, I got rid of this habit! For the first time I can choose WHEN I WANT to eat biscuits with chocolate!! I thank you very much Professor Yager for the work you do, and daring to present Yagerian Therapy in Universities. Thank you so much!"
  • Testimonial 2 - Yagerian Online Therapy
  • Sarah P

"I have struggled with anxiety, Manic Depression, Learning Disabilities and PTSD all of my life. The first night after the first session with you, I was able to read two chapters of two different books. It was unbelievable and I am so grateful! Now, I am looking forward to using this therapy on my other issues."
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  • Roger E

Healing Begins Now

Yagerian Therapy has been in development and refinement for over 30 years. Hundreds of practitioners in 17 countries have been trained in this method and are successfully using it in their individual practices. Until now, the method has been used only in the private therapy setting. You now have the opportunity to benefit from this method any place you choose, and at any time you choose.

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The presently offered problems are Addictions, Anxiety, Chronic Anger, Chronic Pain, Depression, Dyslexia, Irrational Fear, and PTSD. The focus of Yagerian Therapy Online is to treat problems that are the consequence of conditioning from earlier experiences. Just as a child might learn to fear dogs if bitten by one, he or she might learn to have a headache to stay home from school, or to smoke as a way to be accepted by his or her peers. In the same way, anyone might be conditioned to suffer from a long list of physical, as well as psychological, problems. Resolution for eight of the more common problems is offered in this program; others will be added in the future.

Yagerian Therapy enables a person to identify and resolve the subconscious causes of problems. When the cause of a problem has been resolved, the problem ceases to exist, and by tapping into extra-conscious abilities that everyone has, the task can be accomplished both effectively and efficiently as well. In the process, after establishing communication with the extra-conscious domain, that domain is guided to identify and resolve the cause(s) of the problem, using a series of logical steps to do so. In a private therapy session, the steps are guided by the therapist; here, using this online version, the computer becomes the guide. The steps are the same in either case.

Yagerian Therapy is a step-by-step procedure; each step is determined by your answer to the previous question. This procedure is followed by the therapist in a personal treatment session; the same procedure is used by your computer in this computerized version. While it is true that a therapist can respond in situations where a computer cannot, it is also true that many problems can be resolved by this computerized version of the method. Since this way is far less expensive, it is offered as a solution in those cases.