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Subconscious Parts: The Hidden Domain of Our Mind We Don’t Think About

As you grew up, you learned to walk, talk, and demonstrate more complex skills. Each time you learned something new, a change took place in your mind. Something was added that was not there before; a new “part” of your mind was created. Such “parts” were formed and continue to exist in your mind. However, we may not be aware of them because they reside in the subconscious domain rather than in our consciousness. These parts may also possibly control your behavior without you being consciously aware that they are doing so. We walk without thinking about how to do so, sometimes we drive to locations without focusing on the directions, smokers light cigarettes without thinking, and other compulsive behaviors of many types are common. Many of them are functional: however, there are behaviors which can also be dysfunctional. It also seems true that such “parts” of the mind exist (and may control behavior in some way), without the fact of their existence being known to other parts of the mind, including consciousness. This explains why you may not have clear awareness of them, or any awareness at all.

The multitude of mental parts developed in the course of living usually function in harmony, with common direction and purpose. Sometimes one or more parts may function independently, causing some dysfunction and resulting in a current desire for change. However, such instances are the exception and cooperation between the parts seems to be the rule. This tells us that some form of communication must take place between the parts within the subconscious mind. But how is this possible when we don’t have the conscious awareness and knowledge we need to do this?


What is “Centrum?”

The key to true healing with the Yagerian Method is the existence of a domain of the mind having mental abilities that exceed conscious abilities. The abilities of this “extra-conscious” domain have been confirmed in the treatment of thousands of patients by hundreds of therapists using Yagerian Therapy. The domain is named “Centrum.” It is through Centrum that we find the way to communicate with the subconscious parts of our mind when we need to change something. When requests and questions are posed to Centrum during a session of Yagerian Therapy, it is the extra-conscious part of the mind that is being addressed.

Centrum is intelligent; which is to say Centrum is capable of learning, of reasoning, and of making decisions. Moreover, Centrum is capable of independent thinking and communicating with other parts of the mind, including consciousness. Centrum is well-intentioned and will cooperate in accomplishing consciously-desired change. However, Centrum seems to lack the motivation to change. Motivation is essential for change and also an element that must be provided by consciousness, so you will consciously provide the motivation necessary to Centrum. As you are guided to use Yagerian Therapy, Centrum is enlisted to do the work of therapy. Tasks of investigation, communication, and persuasion will be requested of Centrum, but cannot be demanded against the will of Centrum.

Although many of Centrum’s further capabilities are yet to be discovered, we do know this extra-conscious domain is the focus of the control of life. Centrum has abilities that far exceed conscious abilities. Examples include the ability to access memories that are not available to consciousness, the ability to communicate with different parts that are stored in the subconscious domain, and other abilities that have not yet been defined. Those known abilities are utilized during the application of Yagerian Therapy.


What is the best way to take advantage of Centrum’s abilities in order to heal?

For maximum benefit from the Yagerian Method, navigate and read through this website with an open mind. Some of the information you read may surprise you or seem too “out there,” or even unbelievable. However, patients helped by this therapy will be the first individuals to tell you to avoid forming conclusions until you have tried it . . . because it works.

As you venture into Yagerian Therapy and start to engage with Centrum, remember that you may be consciously unaware of the “thinking” that takes place in your extra-conscious mind, and you may be surprised at some of the responses that come from that domain. Most of those responses will be consistent with your conscious opinions; others may be confusing. Centrum may even communicate something you don’t consciously agree with or understand. It is important, even in that event, that you trust those communications because they will lead you to the healing you need. You will be exposed in a direct way to the extra-conscious abilities that exceed your conscious abilities. The guidance of the therapy uses Centrum to recondition the parts of your mind which are unreachable to you consciously. When those parts are reconditioned, the symptoms they were causing cease to exist.

Therefore, you may be amazed at the power of your own mind to heal the suffering you have been feeling for years and years. The guidance of the therapy uses Centrum to recondition the parts of your mind which are unreachable to you consciously.

The essential purpose of Yagerian Therapy is to accomplish change by reconditioning negative, conditioned influences from past experiences. The Yagerian Method takes the patient through the process of identifying those influences and resolving them by reconditioning. Check out the information on this website to see the remarkable results this method has brought to patients. Yagerian Online Therapy can help you with your unwanted conditioning as well – click here to try it FREE for 2 hours!


Ready to Get Engaged With Your Centrum Using Yagerian Online Therapy?

You can discover the power of your Centrum anytime and from any place you choose with Yagerian Online Therapy! With the computer program as your guide and Centrum as your partner in healing, there is no need for office visits or expensive extended treatment plans. In fact, Yagerian Online Therapy even offers a risk-free trial period to explore and check it out for yourself – click here to try it FREE for 2 hours!

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or PTSD? Has dyslexia held you back in life? Do you struggle with chronic pain from which you cannot find relief? The Yagerian Method can help you with these and three other conditions as well using the online program.

Are you interested in digging deeper into conditioning and how Centrum works to recondition errant parts of your mind? Check out the Concept of Conditioning blog article as well.

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