Online Addiction Treatment with the Yagerian Method

Online Addiction Treatment

If you or someone you care about is addicted, consider this Online Addiction Treatment as a way to regain control of your life.  Whether addicted to an opiate, gambling or another person, the Yagerian Method has proven remarkably effective, and efficient as well, in resolving addictions by means of this Online Addiction Treatment.

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Online Addiction Treatment Reviewed
People speak of being addicted to street drugs and cigarettes and express concern about becoming addicted to medications.  People also speak of being addicted to behaviors like gambling, and of being addicted to another person.  These all accurately define “addiction” in that they refer to pre-occupation with the addictive element, over which there is little or no conscious control.

Chemical addiction has been typically viewed as a medical problem, with treatment focused on managing its symptoms, when it is actually a symptom of an underlying, subconscious problem requiring psychological treatment for resolution.  Addiction can be a consequence of conditioning from life experiences and this is true whether the addiction is to street drugs or to gambling.  Given this to be true, in the case of addiction to drugs, this online addiction treatment is focused on the psychological cause/s, and treatment through this Online Addiction Treatment offers an inexpensive and effective way to resolve, and usually to eliminate the addiction.

Online Addiction Treatment of Chemical Addictions
Conventional understanding of drug addiction attributes the force that compels repeated use of the chemical agents that are introduced into the body, and we commonly speak of addictions in terms of tolerance and withdrawal without consideration of psychological forces.  However, a review of cases treated with Subliminal Therapy, the former name of Yagerian Therapy, (, affirms that the major component of drug addiction is psychological.  It is the compulsion to abuse or the fear of the effect of not using that drives the addiction, and therefore psychological intervention – not just medical treatment – is essential if the addiction is to be successfully eliminated.

Assuming abstinence from a drug, its chemical influence yields its power over time as the chemical is metabolized by the body; therefore, the physical trauma of withdrawal fades with time.  In illustration, in the case of tobacco, the chemical elements are metabolized in about a week; in the case of heroin and other drugs, months-to-years may be required, and yet the (psychological) urge to use may continue.

Whether rooted in fear of withdrawal from the drug, in seeking pleasure, or in other influence, the activating force of addiction is psychological, not physical.  The compulsion to use is “learned;” it is the consequence of conditioning from life experiences.  That being true, “re-conditioning” becomes the cure for addiction.  Re-conditioning is the essence of this Online Addiction Treatment.

How does Online Addiction Treatment Work?
If we learn a new skill, that skill is represented in our mind in some way; we know its there because we have the skill.  In the same way, we can learn a limitation or a behavior and that “learning” sometimes happens without our being consciously aware that we are learning.  This is called conditioning.  Fortunately, most of life’s conditioning is good; most of our life skills were learned through conditioning; yet, once in awhile some unfortunate conditioning takes place.  We might learn to fear irrationally, to gamble or to smoke, or we might learn to depend on another person, or on drugs.  Correction of undesired conditioning requires re-conditioning and this is accomplished by this Online Addiction Treatment.  Using this method, the subconscious cause – the conditioning that resulted in the addiction – is identified and resolved by engaging the person’s extra-conscious mental abilities to do the work of therapy.  All people have this extra-conscious ability, whether or not they know they have it, and this ability is tapped as the computer guides the process, step-by-step, through the Yagerian method.

Since addicted people are not consciously aware of the actual> sub-conscious cause(s) of their addiction, they are unable to resolve the addiction by rational, conscious thinking.  However, by engaging their extra-conscious abilities, they can identify and resolve those cause(s).  Tapping into their extra-conscious, higher level of mental abilities facilitates identifying the cause and its resolution, doing so with remarkable efficiency.  When the actual cause is resolved, the addiction ceases to exist.  This is the focus and intent of this Online Addiction Treatment.

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