Online Therapy for Chronic Pain

Online Therapy for Chronic Pain

If you or someone you care about is suffering from chronic pain, consider this Online Therapy for Chronic Pain as a way to achieve relief.  Chronic pain is disabling and often unnecessary.  The Yagerian Method is effective, and efficient as well, in relieving chronic pain.  This Online Therapy for Chronic Pain program is a computerized version of the method.

If you are having persistent, relentless pain, and traditional medical treatment has not provided the relief you seek, this very low cost, online program, Online Therapy for Chronic Pain, may well provide the relief you seek.

Online Therapy for Chronic Pain Reviewed
Acute pain is short-term, alerting you that may have an injury or a problem that needs addressed.  On the other hand, chronic pain may last for weeks, months or even years.  Pain is your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong.  Pain can be experienced in a variety of ways, including a tingle, ache, burn or a sting, and it can be dull or sharp.  You may feel pain all over your body or localized to one area, and the pain may either be acute or chronic.  The original cause of your chronic pain may have been from an infection or an injury, yet an emotional cause is possible.  Unfortunately, there is commonly no recognized cause of chronic pain.  Nevertheless, if you are suffering with chronic pain, it doesn’t mean you are destined to a life of continuous pain.

Online Therapy for Chronic Pain
Your chronic pain may have initially been the result of an injury or disease, with the “chronic” pain actually being unrelated to the initial cause.  For example, fear may stimulate your muscles to contract, causing back pain or other forms of chronic pain.  That muscle contraction can then become the immediate cause of pain, thereby causing the pain to continue. Online Therapy for Chronic Pain may be the solution to getting to the bottom of the cause and ending your chronic pain

How does Online Therapy for Chronic Pain Work?
The human mind has three areas of functioning; consciousness, the subconscious domain and an “extra-conscious” domain.  Your conscious mind works while you are awake and alert, while the subconscious is continually activated.  It’s kind-of like a tape player in that it continuously plays the “tape” that had been recorded earlier.

Whether it is recognized or not, all people have a third, extra-conscious domain of their minds. This domain is intelligent, with abilities that exceed conscious abilities, and it can be tapped to make changes that cannot be made consciously. Online Therapy for Chronic Pain taps these extra-conscious abilities to make changes and solve problems.

Chronic pain is often a subconscious response to conditioning from life experiences, which can have a significant impact on your behaviors and reactions to daily life.  When chronic pain is a conditioned response, reconditioning (in other words, changing the tape) is also a possibility. Online Therapy for Chronic Pain is a method that engages your extra-conscious domain to recondition the subconscious mind, changing the tape and altering your experience.

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