Online Therapy for Depression with the Yagerian Method

Depression can reduce the quality of life with feelings of sadness and despair or emptiness and feeling alone. Online Therapy for Depression with the Yagerian Method could help you make the changes you desire.

Online Therapy for Depression with the Yagerian Method offers guidance and instruction in a computer-based program.  This therapy has been in development and refinement for over 30 years by Edwin K Yager, PhD under the name Subliminal Therapy. Hundreds of practitioners, in 17 countries have been trained in this method and are successfully using it in their individual practices.  Now you have the opportunity to benefit from the Yagerian Method made available in a computer-based program.

There are many reasons people avoid seeking help / resolution for their Depression such as feeling embarrassed to talk about it, thinking / hoping it will go away on its own or even just feeling too fatigued to deal with it.  Online Therapy for Depression with the Yagerian Method offers the convenience and comfort for you to choose time and place – in the middle of the night, on the weekends or anytime you can access the program. No long waits for an appointment or the inconvenient drive to the office.

How Does It Work
The Yagerian Method enables a person to identify and resolve the subconscious causes of problems. When the cause of a problem has been resolved the problem ceases to exist, and by tapping into extra-conscious abilities that everyone has, the task can be accomplished effectively and efficiently as well. In the process, after establishing communication with the extra-conscious domain, the extra-conscious domain is guided to identify and resolve the cause of the problem, using a series of logical steps to do so. In a private therapy session, the steps are guided by the therapist; here using the computerized version, the computer becomes the guide.  For more information go to Subliminal Therapy Institute Inc @

Start Today
The effects of Depression can be crushing. Aside from the distressing feelings, Depression can lead to physical symptoms such as aches and pains or changes in eating habits or sleep patterns.

Here is an opportunity to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE with Online Therapy for Depression with the Yagerian Method.

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