Online Therapy for Irrational Fear with the Yagerian Method


When a fear becomes so severe that it causes high anxiety and interferes with your normal life, it may be time to enlist Online Therapy for Irrational Fear to help you resolve or eliminate that fear.

“Fear is a universal human experience that is absolutely necessary for survival. Without fear we would do things that would result in injury or death. However, sometimes the fear we experience is not necessary and results in undesirable experiences or dysfunctions.”

Edwin K. Yager, Ph.D.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms
Whatever your overwhelming fear may be… fear of flying, spiders or snakes, needles, heights or public speaking, you most likely have some troubling symptoms.  Symptoms like difficulty breathing, trembling or shaking, sweating, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, feeling overwhelming anxiety or panic, or feeling like you are going to die or pass out.  Sometimes we may realize we have an irrational fear but can’t seem to overcome it.  Online Therapy for Irrational Fear can help.

Help is Here
Online Therapy for Irrational Fear with the Yagerian Method offers a computerized program and provides guidance and instruction as you follow along in a series of logical steps.  You may access the program at any time and in the convenience of your home or anywhere you are comfortable and have your computer.  Online Therapy for Irrational Fear will guide you to identify the cause of the problem, and once the cause is uncovered you will be guided to resolve or eliminate the problem.

Makes Sense
Yagerian Therapy, originally named Subliminal Therapy, was conceived more than 30 years ago by Dr Edwin K. Yager who is the founder and President of Subliminal Therapy Institute, Inc. a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation.  One of the commitments of the Institute is to make people aware of the relief this therapy provides.  The Institute has documented high success rates with problems that are often unaffected by other therapies; problems that include irrational fear and range from migraine headaches to panic attacks.  Now Yagerian Therapy is available to you via a computerized program.

Now is the Time
There is no better time than right now to make a difference in your life.  Take this moment to help you help yourself.  Wouldn’t you like to stop intense worrying and avoiding unpleasant situations or places?  Learn more about Online Therapy for Irrational Fear here.

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