Understanding Chronic Pain and Learning to Heal


What is the purpose of physical pain?

When we hear the word “pain,” our instinct is often to cringe and immediately think of bad experiences. Pain can come to us in so many different forms, and from multiple causes. So how do we sort all of that out in order to understand it?

Albert Schweitzer once called pain “a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself.” Even so, pain is essential to life; we could not live without it. Does that sound strange? Consider this. We would behave in self-destructive ways without being aware that we were doing so if pain did not indicate that to us. Pain is the mind’s way of getting attention. However, pain can also be dysfunctional, inhibiting awareness of life’s values and meaning. Yagerian Therapy looks at this negative side of pain in a unique and productive way.

  • Pain is about perception, and perception can be modified.
  • Pain is always real to the person in pain.
  • Chronic pain always has subconscious purpose.
  • Physical pain may be caused by either physical or emotional trauma.

One way to look at all of this is to see pain’s purpose as a protective mechanism, regardless of its cause. This purpose is rarely recognized consciously (to our immediate awareness) at the time of the experience. Further, when this immediate protection happens again and again, a pattern of this pain response is established. Such a pattern is known as chronic pain, or pain which recurs over and over. When this chronic pain cycle happens, the original purpose of the pain likely no longer even exists. In this situation the pain is maintained subconsciously for reasons that were real and valid in the past – when the pain began – but are not real or valid in current life. Yet, the pain will continue until a change intervenes, even if we cannot seem to explain why.


What is a subconscious cause of physical pain?

Those dysfunctional purposes causing chronic and/or unexplained pain are most often not immediately recognizable because they exist in our subconscious – a realm in which we don’t have complete understanding or control of what is happening. Therefore, we may not know why the pain is happening because it is out of our conscious reach.

For example, there might be a subconscious belief that we are unaware of, a belief that pain is deserved, inevitable, or unavoidable. Subconsciously inspired self-punishment is often involved in causing and sustaining pain; some long-forgotten act can cause such self-punishment. Furthermore, relief from emotional pain can often be achieved by experiencing physical pain. In this case, your mind attempts to protect you from emotional pain you are experiencing by causing physical pain instead. In short, any imaginable reason could be the cause, and our imaginations know no limits . . . even if we are not aware of them.


How does Yagerian Therapy help patients to overcome pain?

The fundamentals of the Yagerian Method teach us that the task of relieving subconsciously-inspired pain must include identifying and resolving the subconscious basis for the pain. When there is both conscious and subconscious recognition that the pain no longer has valid purpose, the sufferer can experience relief.

The multitude of mental parts developed throughout an individual’s life usually function in harmony, with common direction and purpose. Sometimes one or more parts may function independently, “doing their own thing,” and cause some dysfunction. Because sufferers need relief from pain, they have a very real and current desire to change that dysfunction . . . since that is what will relieve the pain itself. The more difficult part of this is that it does not simply happen because we want it to. In most cases, we cannot make a conscious decision to change the problem causing the pain and then then have it instantly disappear.

That doesn’t mean there is not a way, however! Yagerian Therapy tells us that some form of communication must take place between the parts within the subconscious mind. But how is this possible when we don’t have the conscious awareness and knowledge we need to do this? The Yagerian Method guides the patient to communicate with his or her higher level of intelligence, named Centrum for convenience, in order to open that gate of communication to the subconscious mind. That is where the journey to find the source of the pain begins. When Centrum identifies this dysfunctional part causing the pain, that part may also then be reconditioned to change its protective measures. This is how you can actually reach and change the actual sources of pain. Amazing, isn’t it?


Would You Like Relief From Your Pain With Online Therapy for Chronic Pain?

With the use of Yagerian Therapy, a significant number of patients have succeeded in relieving severe, chronic pain resulting from injuries and surgeries experienced years ago; injuries that have required morphine patches and various medications for relief until the individual was treated by with the Yagerian Method.

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