Yagerian Therapy: A Patient’s Success Story


As an actual patient of Yagerian Therapy, I am pleased to share my story. When I first met Dr. Yager, I had honestly never heard of Yagerian Therapy. I needed help with an affliction I had been experiencing most of my adult life – chronic insomnia. I could not sleep well at all. I had trouble falling asleep, and once I finally did fall asleep, I would frequently wake up and then have difficulty again falling asleep. It seemed I could not stop my mind from running, and I really didn’t often know exactly why. When I heard Yagerian Therapy could potentially treat problems like mine, I wanted to know more. Having tried numerous other therapy methods and many types of sleeping medications, all with little or no success, I was willing to see if there was a way Yagerian Therapy could help me. Getting a total of only about three or four hours of decent sleep per night was really affecting my quality of life and functioning.

What was it like experiencing Yagerian Therapy?
When the method of Yagerian Therapy was first explained to me, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. It certainly seemed different from other therapy methods, so I would be venturing into an unknown. However, I also knew I needed the help, and I had learned how much Yagerian Therapy had provided relief for other patients. So, I kept my mind open and dove into trying it.

To my surprise, it was not long at all before I found comfort with the method. Yagerian Therapy put me in touch with a third part of my mind’s functioning, the “extra-conscious” domain. I never felt out of control or even uncomfortable during that process, but rather there was a sense of empowerment and understanding, which I also did not expect. With Yagerian Therapy, I was guided through the process of finding the true sources of my insomnia. Without discovering those through the “extra-conscious” domain, I may never have thought to even acknowledge them consciously, much less think to treat them. Once they were identified, Yagerian Therapy helped me work to resolve the problems through re-framing and re-conditioning. I was amazed to learn the power of my own mind – a power that was always hidden to me before!

Did Yagerian Therapy help you find relief from your chronic insomnia?
Yes, it definitely did. After having tried so many medications and methods that had not really helped me much, seeing the result of Yagerian Therapy was delightful for me. At first, I noticed that I was sleeping more soundly and for much longer periods of time. Not long after that, I could sleep through the night and only wake rarely during the week – rather than multiple times a night. Then, I found myself falling asleep more easily, as I felt more at peace when I laid my head down. My mind was not running as furiously as it always had. The differences in my insomnia symptoms before and after Yagerian Therapy were striking. I was also very pleased with how quickly it seemed to help me. I was feeling relief after only a couple hours of treatment.

Would you recommend Yagerian Therapy to other patients and potential patients?
Absolutely. I was very impressed with how Yagerian Therapy gave me a breakthrough and actual results, especially when so many other treatment methods had failed. At first I was unsure of how well it would work, but I was so pleasantly surprised and the improvement in my sleeping abilities has been life-changing. I am especially excited to learn that Yagerian Therapy is now available online. As a working mother, my time is very limited for in-person appointments, so having an online treatment option for this very successful method is perfect. Those patients who need the help Yagerian Therapy can give them are now able to experience it in a more flexible, affordable, and accessible way. I look forward to hearing many more success stories in addition to mine!


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