The method of therapy offered here is the product of many years of use and research, largely conducted by Dr. Yager. Its effectiveness has been determined by means of patient-completed questionnaires, and the success rates have been remarkably high. Nevertheless, this method is not the solution for every problem; some problems do not respond to this treatment even when the method is used in a clinical setting. If you have difficulty using this method, you will find instructions at the end of the program that will guide you toward alternate solutions.

This computerized application of Yagerian Therapy has not yet been validated by controlled research. Nevertheless, Yagerian Therapy has been successfully used in thousands of clinical cases, and it is being offered to you in this computerized form as a further test of its effectiveness. By acknowledging you have read this disclaimer, you also acknowledge the possibility that you might experience some emotional distress while using this program, and agree to hold the owner of the program harmless in that event.

The following link provides information for crisis hotlines in most countries in case you find yourself distressed:


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