Life-Changing Success Stories

Randall’s Revelation

After years of suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and fear, Randall found himself sitting in yet another therapist’s office. He needed to find something which would help him, somehow. When the therapist entered the room, he began to explain a new and different method of treatment to Randall. Immediately Randall’s skepticism kicked in, and it only grew as the therapist explained this very foreign idea to him. No way. No way was that anything for him. No way was that anything that was going to work.

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Giving in to those doubts, Randall got up, apologized to the therapist, and told him,“this just wasn’t for him . . . this wouldn’t help him.” And then he left. Determined to get out of there, he went to his car, got in, and prepared to drive away. But as he lifted the key to the ignition switch, he paused. To his own surprise, he paused to think. Taking a breath, Randallallowed the thoughts coming to him to flood into his mind. He had tried so many different therapies, so many medications, and so many other methods. And nothing was providing him with the peace and the true, lasting help he so desperately needed. Since he had tried seemingly everything else . . . should he give this a chance too? Even though it seemed so strange and “out there” to him? Minutes passed as he contemplated his skepticism against his need for a better quality of life. And then, finally, he opened his car door again and walked back into the therapist’s office.

The new therapy Randall took a chance on that day was Yagerian Therapy. Little did he know that the choice to leave his car and go back in to try it would change his life forever, and would prove to be one of the very best life decisions he ever made.

Six months after that fateful day, Randall is proud to say that he is a totally different person. As he began to delve into Yagerian Therapy with Dr. Yager, his hesitation gradually melted away and his eyes were opened to a new and surprising revelation: it works. He started seeing things for the first time; things he had never dealt with, things from so long ago. He never knew how much they had affected him. Those unresolved parts of his mind had caused him to be fearful and reactionary. He looked at so many parts of life as threats and dangers. Worse yet, he struggled so much with self-esteem issues that he could not see his own self-worth.

But now, with the guidance of Yagerian Therapy and the reconditioning of his own mind, Randall is so grateful to see himself completely differently, and from an opposite perspective. The resolution of thosedebilitating parts of his mind allowed him the freedom and joy to be happy with who he is. He now truly feels that he is worth something: he is an individual with value who is deserving of friendship, love, and positivity. He recognizes that issues from the past do not have to affect his present and future. When Randall is approached with difficult or challenging situations, he now takes those as opportunities to step back, look, and calm down rather than feeling a need to be reactionary or fearful. In the past, Randall would hold things inside, allowing them to build and eat away at him. Now, he sees the importance of being open and dealing with life as it comes to him. He also no longer allows negative or difficult people to affect him, as he recognizes the negativity and can deal with or avoid it as necessary. Above all, he learned that he is not a bad person, and his potential is actually quite amazing.

Randall’s family and friends have noticed the drastic changes in his quality of life and outlook as well, telling him about positive improvements he didn’t even notice himself until they were pointed out to him. He no longer shuts down or becomes withdrawn in the presence of others, and his former aggressive tendencies have been released from his personality. He is now proud to treat people with a smile and a warm greeting. The increase in positive, supportive relationships with others has greatly enhanced Randall’s daily life, in addition to his hopes and plans for the future. Just over six months ago, he did not feel this was ever even possible. Now, he is who he wants to be.

Even as a self-proclaimed skeptic who needs to have something proven to him without a doubt before he will believe it, Randall is eager to share his experiences with Yagerian Therapy with others. He “finds himself” more and more with every session he has. He will be the first person to tell anyone to give the method a chance even though it may seem different, or even “out there.” Randall became a complete believer in the method as soon as he was sure it was working for him and changing him . . . and that was after only his third session! Because he took that big step to choose to be open-minded and give Yagerian Therapy a chance, Randall’s life has been forever changed. He couldn’t possibly be any happier about that.