This website will introduce you to Yagerian Therapy, the method of change that many predict will become the standard of care. This therapy has been in development and refinement for over 30 years under the name Subliminal Therapy. Hundreds of practitioners in 17 countries have been trained in this method and are successfully using it in their individual practices. Until now, the method has been used only in the private therapy setting. You now have the opportunity to benefit from this method any place you choose, and at any time you choose.

Even so, I must offer a disclaimer. This computerized version of the method is new. Nevertheless, modest research has been conducted with this computer-based version showing positive results consistent with the remarkable success rates obtained in the clinical setting. Visit www.stii.us for more complete information.

This method of change provides a completely private, confidential way to eliminate many problems and to find relief from other concerns.

The program you are about to engage is a computerized adaptation of the Yagerian Method in which your computer, rather than a person, will guide you through the process of therapy. As you follow the steps, guided by your computer, you will tap into extra-conscious mental abilities that you may not know you have. These are abilities that everyone has, but most individuals are not aware they have them.

If you are a first-time user, you are urged to watch the introductory videos below. These short presentations will provide an overview and sense of direction for your guidance.

Explore Yagerian Therapy and the online therapy process with this introductory video:

If you wish for even further information or reassurance, visit the website of the nonprofit Subliminal Therapy Institute, established in 2009 to research and promote the method, at www.stii.us. Yagerian Therapy is also known as Subliminal Therapy.

Warm regards, Dr. Yager

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